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4/4/06 04:56 pm - reverendlinda - Sex Rent!!!

Okay, scratch all previous plans. I've figured out the perfect way to live affordably in San Francisco. We just have to find a bisexual man or woman who would give us all rooms if we have sex with him or her. That shouldn't be so hard to find in San Francisco. I read this USA Today article about people online offering reduced and sometimes free rates for people who have sex with the landlord or tenant! Here is a quote from the article: "'I usually rent the room for 600, but if you are really ticklish and willing to trade being tickled for the extra rent then we have a deal,' writes a gay man offering a $350-a-month room in the San Francisco Bay area."
We know how to tickle people. I would pay to have a gay man around that I could tickle! It sounds kind of fun! Wait. Maybe by "tickle" he means "buttsex". Oh well, I would do that for half off a San Francisco room. If one person can get a reduced price on a room, five Garrats that put out a lot should definitely be able to secure a free apartment. It would be a big orgy of rent payment! Piece of cake. Problem solved.

4/2/06 05:05 pm - reverendlinda - More San Francisco Links

Hey, I found this article on how to be successful at renting a place in San Francisco. Not the best resource, but it kind of gave me a feel for the competition we will encounter and had a couple of good ideas. My real reason for this post is this website. It is a guide that was made for people like us, who want to visit and live in San Francisco. I especially like the photo tours of the neighborhoods.

3/29/06 07:32 pm - magicaltrevor - Fear Not!

Fear not, Garrats, for the moving van does not have to cost $3,000! Check it out:

Okay, we can rent a 4'x8' trailer from UHaul for $70. Cool! It includes "2643 free miles" (like it has an odometer or something). Anyway, this is great, and a mattress is 6'3" long, so CorEy and the BP can take their mattresses YAY and I bet we'll be able to fit Elisa's dinette set (maybe even the chairs, too. If it's not enough room, it's pretty cheap, and we could just get another one.

Deal is: We have to get trailer hitches. All three of our cars are approved for towing this trailer if they get a 2,000 lb. trailer hitch (which is one of the smallest capacity hitches, so no big deal). But seriously, this is COMPLETELY AWESOME.

3/28/06 06:06 pm - magicaltrevor - Jason's cool idea

Okay, you guys. Jason came up with this really cool idea yesterday.

When we actually move to San Francisco, let's move over there with all of our stuff into one apartment with maybe three bedrooms (me and jason, moony and george, corEy?), but just temporarily. We can give ourselves, say, six months to "make it" in SF. Basicaly, we spend every waking hour of every day out putting in applications. If we don't have jobs by the end of the six months, we have to move back to BG. (Talk about yer motivation). So we at least have to get jobs (they don't have to be good jobs, just enough to get by) that will facilitate our being able to live in the 3-b/r apartment. That way, we can extend the time we have to get (better-paying?) jobs that will facilitate getting seperate apartments. Like, me and Jason will probably want our own, and you guys may want your own or at least want to live with less than OMG FIVE PEOPLE.

So. This "trial period" can last any amount of time, I guess it will depend on how much money we save up.

So, yeah. Neat idea. Oh, and does anybody know anything about real estate agents? I don't.

3/16/06 09:42 am - reverendlinda - SQUEEE SAN FRANCISCO!!!!

Okay, as far as the possiblility of garrats actually living in San Francisco one day, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that San Francisco is every bit as awesome as everyone thinks it is. Just check out the weather. That is right everyone, good weather all year round and the coldest it has ever gotten in the winter is 24 degrees. That is much better than it being a high of 24 EVERY FUCKING DAY!!! Also, notice that it doesn't rain from May to September. Of course, you have the cute San Francisco fog, but rain is really fucking annoying sometimes. I can do without. San Francisco is a little cooler than I thought it would be but mostly it just seems to be room temperature outside. Oh, and just to compare here is Bowling Green's suck-ass weather. Also, who can resist San Francisco when 83% of its residents voted democratic in 2004? It is a whole friggin city full of Garrats! There are also adorable neighborhoods like The Castro. There are also the little train cars that go around!
The bad news is that with every cool thing, there comes a price. The cost of living in San Francisco is one of the highest in the country. The cost of living goes up 90% from what it is in Nashville and average income only goes up 23%. With my salary of $22,000 each year, this website said I would have to make around $43,000 to maintain my current standard of living. So, um yeah, just some links for the Garrats to look through.

broken links, I'll fix them in a minute.

3/16/06 12:14 pm - stagolicious - Questions! :DDD

Hokay, so we're going to San Fransisco (YAY!). How many of us are going? Would the garrat bank account be in all of our names, which might not be achievable, or would we give the money to a single person and have them keep it? Along the way, are we going to stop off at any place touristy (like the Grand Canyon or something) or are we making a straight run? Just curious!

3/15/06 09:16 pm - magicaltrevor

okay, the entire trip from bowling green through nashville is something like 2400 miles. i looked it up the other day on mapquest, and it's like 2330 miles if we go without going through nashville first. which is totally cool but also totally irreleveant. cos i know that'd hack an hour off the trip, but seriously, that seems like it's hardly gonna make a difference in a 36+ hour trip. second, we have to go through nashville anyway to pick up the SRVCUV thing. should we name it? i vote for shelob. well, i dunno. if we're gonna be riding in it the entire time, perhaps it should have a more attractive and pleasant name/title. i'm pretty grumpy right now so i don't know what that would be. third, we totally have to go the nashville way just cos we can see where route 66 runs. or... ran. whatever. but we totally have to be all like, "see amarillo, gallup new mexico, flagstaff arizona, don't forget winona blah blah blah san bernadino".

so. interesting information. means nothing.

3/13/06 07:50 pm - akutenshi_akira - Soooorry

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